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not as good as imscared but still not bad :)

Thanks a lot, I'm glad you liked 'em both :)

Pretty fun!

Hey, thanks for playing! :D
(I think you won't play it again, but just to let you know: on "Discomfort" controls, you can scroll through mails with R & F buttons)

Ooooh, man, that sucks, wouldn't have guessed!


Loved the video, thanks a lot for playing and liking the game! ;D

Loved the game, and thank you for creating the game.

This was fun (and unsettling!). I foud myself waiting for the inevitable jumpscare. The ambient was superv, and the art direction simply amazing. Love this game.

The only moment when I felt a little off was during the gameboy scene. Felt it a little bit disconnected, or just to irrelevant for that point in time. 

Okay, just found out you are the "I'm scared"-guy. Now it all makes sense hahaha

Hey, these really are some Kind words... Thanks a lot!
I can see why you find the gameboy section to be a bit off, but I'm glad you were able to enjoy everything else nonetheless! :)

Hey, thank you for sharing this great work! I'm very amazed by the aesthetics. I see that you are using Asperite but I wonder how did you combine it with the 3D environment? ? My guess is some kind of dithering lens filter is being used here? 

Thanks to you for playing and commenting!
I made the game textures with Aseprite and the standard 3D functions of GameMaker Studio 2. As for the dither/color limit effect, that's the work of a shader!

Excellent stuff as always, low-res spookiness! I must admit I was stuck on the "bad" ending for longer than I'd care to admit, was convinced it had something to do with the sequence I was doing the instructions in! Screwed my head on and got it eventually haha. Also I always always look out of the windows in horror games and this satisfied that urge ;)


Thanks a lot for liking Discomfort so much! :D

Made a playthrough of it, it was really fun and I loved the old school looking graphics.


Thanks for playing! <3

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