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MMM yes, good stuff, I like.

Very nice!  Thanks for posting!

Thanks to you for liking Pillage!


Gave it some gameplay :p Fun times. My only complaint/suggestion is that I think you should be able to drop from platforms via Down+Jump, its what most games use control-wise, I was infact stuck at the start off-screen being like "How do I get out of the first puzzle, Down+Jump isn't working" since I've not really played many platformers that use 'Double-tap down'.


Hey Neco, glad to see you here!
I get your complain and I know, for it has been a hard choice to make: I wanted to avoid the circumnstance in which the player had to crouch and jump immediately after, with the risk to fall down instead of jumping. Also, just like Lara's home in Tomb Raider PSX the game provides you an optional tutorial area that explains every important gameplay mechanic (this one too, of course). I'm glad that in the end you got out on your own, but I'm sorry nonetheless!

That said, it's time to watch your playthrough ♪