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Hello! I recently made a video about your game demo and IMO... it wasn't as great as the older one from years ago. I am thinking about giving the full version a try but I think my small brain won't handle the clever puzzles in this game XD

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Beautiful as always, there is something really special about your titles. I don't think I've ever put a game on my wishlist, but this time I did it.

Thanks for this prologue, can't wait to play it.

See you in Propaganda ;)


Thanks to you for liking our Prologue and my works in general! I'm really happy about it.

...On Propaganda I'll be, then :D

Oh! This game is really fun

Thanks for playing!

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nice creepy

Thanks a lot :D

It was tough but I really can't wait for the full game, It's going to be a blast.

If you need help with the solutions I implore you to actually try and solve it on your own but If you'd rather watch, check it out! It's fun. (:

Thanks for making games!

Thanks to you for playing 'em! We enjoyed your playthrough <3