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kinda difficult but still creepy and a good game 

Incredibly spooky, would love to see more games take advantage of the silence.


nice monster design

Game maker studios games are always my favourite.The low poly texture looks really nice.Other than that the game was actually creppy and game me few chills.Espacially the chase,because i didnt knew how fast he was.But i managed to escape.The game looked really nice and polished and found no bugs other than stucking into objects.It was a great short jam game,really enjoyed it!


I really enjoyed the gameplay, thanks a lot!

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I loved the atmosphere of this game!  The complete silence, the monster, and the exploration.  What an amazing game.

I Played your Game and it was really fun and gave me a bunch of spooks! I was kinda dumb in figuring out what i had to do but otherwise it was a great game experience :)

Here's my play-through of it: 

Thanks a lot for playing! Also don't worry, Manor is really cryptic and doesn't *really* have a purpose for the player... It's just something I made  for fun in a week or less

well either way it was really great and I had a lot of fun playing it! Great job! :)

I wish we had a way to actually defeat / escape the thing, because I really enjoyed exploring the manor and it was rude how the thing stopped us from exploring more :P

Worry not! Sooner or later you'll be able to enjoy the Manor in its entirety...

I was wondering if there is another kind of ending you can get.

I really liked the feeling of exploring the manor.

As well as how easy it was to get lost in it.

Really nice! I definitely didn't get the full experience as I wasn't able to assemble the gun; I had a hard time figuring out what i was collecting. but the atmosphere built is wonderful and the scare when it happens is truly dreadful. I played it on my channel, its at 7:34 in this video!

Nothing quite like this game from you, always a pleasure for #HPS1Jam.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

Yeah, that's basically what happens when I make noise at home.

This was fun! Thanks for playing :)
The game is just a small prototype so there's not much to say, but there's another tool you might pick up aside from the knife (and there's technically a way to "win", but more or less it's the same thing).
Thanks again tho, have a nice day!

theres technically a way to win? as in not die?

Um excuse me, i have  a problem, after i enter the manor my protagonist became very slow, his speed, he walking like a damn snail, how to fix it?

It saddens me that you're facing this issue! I suppose it's related to your computer: do you face those same issues with other games made with Game Maker Studio 2?

1. Wow thank you for a reply. :D
2. Actually no, i never had problems with other games made in Game MakeStudio 2, this is first one.
3. But don't you worry, despite on this inconvenient bug i still finished the game and i must say it is very clever to use knife and gun not as a weapon but as a tools, i never saw something like this other games.  Anyway thank you for reply and good day to you sir. :D


Thanks a lot for playing! :D

I love the overall look of the game. The silence was also extreme creepy (unironically) and definitely added to the overall scare factor. Only critique I have is that the build up took a little too long, which might be my own fault. Love the game otherwise ! Awesome job for a 2 day game jam.

Hey, thanks a lot! I'm glad you liked it so much :)

Thanks mate, look forward to any new games you may have.

Cool little game :) 

Thanks a lot!

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About 10 minutes into the game I really didnt know what I was doing, but I knew the game was real in the very beginning when I was able to pickup a knife and then I saw the alien-esque photos on the wall. The game got me good. I love the PS1 like graphics. All I will say is, this game really needs a pause menu 

Thanks for playing and liking it! I'll get back on this project sooner or later, so expect a pause menu :D

Whoo hoo!

LOVED the slience and how scary it was without manipulation through music. and the monster design - 3rd game in video, timecode 5:15

Thanks for playing! I liked your calm approach on it :)

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Thanks a lot! As you just said, the game is just a prototype and I'll get back on it sooner or later.
Also, Yeah! This one was heavily inspired by the original PSX Resident Evil :D 

Thanks again for the kind words!

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I did appreciate a lot. So I did make a second attempting. Hey, I wonder, - If I come back, the other doors could reveals another stuffs inside them; couldn't?

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I did make a couple videos, I tried first one hide myself and second one(coming soon) face the giant... Great game like others yours, Zanotti:

Thanks a lot for playing :D

I loved the visuals. The use of solid colors and the color palette reminded me of the original Alone in the Dark game (in a good way, of course).  The monster was effectively creepy, and I liked how you subverted my expectation of the space by having me navigate through doors through a fade and a teleport, then having that turned on its head when the monster showed up. Great job!

I'm really glad you perceived how I tried playing with the player's expectation: Thanks a lot for this, and also for playing and liking it :)

here's my gameplay

Thanks for playing :)

Dude your pixelated horror games are great! Keep making horror games

Thank you, kindly <3 I will!

Is the game finished and no more updates needed?

Being a jam entry, I won't get back on this specific build.

However, I'm thinking about expanding this short prototype!


Felt like I was missing some potential endings, but I have no idea if I missed anything, got '2' endings. Feels like there could be 3 or 4 in a game like this, short but good - as expected from you.


As I've already said on YouTube, thanks a lot for playing it this much

How many endings are there, by chance, 2, or more?

How do you make it full screen? Very excited to play!

Hey there!

To toggle fullscreen, just press ALT+ENTER


This manor sure is quiet tho



this game is very strange but i liked it very much . keep up the good work.

I will!

Thanks a lot, really :)


This game was wonderful. I can't believe it was made using GM:S2. I loved this. Thank you!


Thanks a lot, John! I'm really glad you liked it even if it's pretty rushed and broken...