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Second part


Since I'm currently reading House of Leaves, this really unsettled me.. in all the best ways! Very creepy and at times I struggled to finish it.

Thanks a lot! I'm really glad to find a fellow House guest that also enjoyed my humble homage!

I think you did something really great with the lo-fi graphics by forcing me to never really get a good look at what's chasing me. The monster stays a mystery, and that makes a good monster. Good job!


I miss it too



Sir, this is a very important request. This is game developer team 'The Unknown' talking. As I am here to say that I am in desperate need of your email. Reasons of why I am asking shall be said through email. Your sincerely @The Unknown.

Great game ! Really original concept, i loved the experience, here´s my gameplay of it. Please like, share and subscribe :D 

hi, big thx for the nice game. greetings from rosti 

Thanks to you :D


Loved it! Didn't know what i was doing. had no clue if there was a monster or not. I didn't know how to use my sticks until the end but i made never the less. YAY! 

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Congrats on beating the daedalus! :)

While I didn't make it through the maze, it was interesting at least. Also, interesting monster design for sure.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

Thanks for playing! :D

That was scary, more than I thought but I DID IT!

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

Congrats on beating the game and thanks for playing!

Interesting game design, appreciate the work and honestly on of the scariest monsters, yeah, the game is solid. Keep up the good work!

Thanks a lot <3 I will!


Getting to the ending def will take some work from most players/Youtubers, heh. Not to worry though, I have found it.

You've found it indeed: congrats, I'm glad that someone made it :)
Thanks for playing!