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how do i put it into fullscreen

You can select that on the start screen (or by pressing ALT+ENTER)

I played this so long ago!! I remember failing the first time because I didn't do the ritual in the right order. Then, I wanted to do it in the perfect order, but the email itself wasn't in the "right" order completely :P (turns out, it doesn't matter and I got the "good" ending). Really love the graphics and story, it gives me nostalgia back when playing Imscared on Gamejolt as a little, free indie game :)

Thanks a lot, glad to hear the game triggered some nostalgia :) Also, is awful and should be marked as spam indeed... 

Do I have to restart me desktop to get rid of the gnawing sounds?

That won't do, you've been cursed

man, it was aweasome!!! really good atmosphere. but is there a way to do things right?

Thanks :D
If you did wrong, then Yes there's a way to do it right!

at the end it said im cursed but ia am i hear gnawing on my desk top so i restarted it o_o


*clak clok*

uh oh its back idc kill me murdure me'


i swear to fucking god i heard gnawing cuz i cut the wrong finger

im actually cursed


*chomp chomp*
Have fun!


Hello! How did u achieve this retro style graphic?

I just make a very small game and then I stretch the hell out of it (oh and there's also a color limiter involved in this one)


-Made a Video.

"short and spoopy. made me feel a little bit uneasy."

<3 Hope you had fun!

Eerie atmosphere complemented by a wonderfully chunky visual style reminiscent of early Freescape games - loved it!

Thank you, kindly!

played your game in an indie romp, hope you enjoy. not sure if I solved the puzzle right though as she done did the murder on my face twice

your game starts at 14:05

I was so confused. I somehow got stuck on the idea that it needed to be my house instead of my finger, but I got there eventually.

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I played this to kick off my Bloodcurdling Barrage in which I will be posting daily horror game videos for all of October. Really enjoyed it. Lots of little touches to show how much effort and love went into it and it was actually creepy. Well done

Great, creepy experience!  The email portion is definitely the most unsettling part, but being able to look out the windows was a great way to build tension as well.

cool and creepy little game! I like the whole pixelated style. 

Loved the art style & loved the theme of the game. How creepy was it that it was starring at you from outside the entire time? I knew it was going to come in eventually. But that feeling of not knowing when was haunting me the entire time. Great little game & a very talented implementation of a game within a game!

Neat little experience! 


Loved it. such a cool wee game indeed 

Bro this game really made me feel very uneasy. If that is what you were going for you did an amazing job! 


Really glad to hear that, that's what Discomfort wanted to do!

Thanks for playing and liking the game :)

Great game, Loved the art style... Here is my speedrun 

Woah, that was... Fast! Thanks a lot for doing something like this!


short and sweet ! and by sweet I mean SCARY XD

but could I have won at the end ? I feel like I missed something !

check out my gameplay and tell me what you think !

Hey, thanks for playing :D Glad you had fun!

There's a way to "do right", check again those pesky NEED.NET emails...

I knew it !!!

im an idiot ! XD

thanks for the hint !!!

This game made me feel super weird/scared

Thanks for playing! :)

This made me feel super discomforted. I've been cursed now.

Yes, you are! Thanks a lot for playing Discomfort :)

Very creepy and unsettling game. Love the old school vibes! Very good experience! Here's my playthrough:


Thanks a lot for playing! I loved the video :D

Made me feel super uneasy, a great game! I'm glad I got to play it!

You're great, thanks a lot for playing and liking the game!

Thank you! and I had a lot of fun playing it!

This game took me back. Discomfort is just that; uncomfortable. The silence is deafening, as if there are eyes on you from the start. Short, but very effective.

Hey, I'm glad the game made you uncomfortable :D Thanks a lot for playing!

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Nice game. I like the graphic style. The controls are a little wonky.

Hey, thanks :) You can switch controls at the beginning, try playing with your mouse!


Interesting fun! 

Thanks for playing! Glad you had fun :)

i have 30 minutes on this game but that just cause for 10 minutes of it i was confused as in what to do and the other 15 minutes was just me screaming at the guy in the room, as an example > "WHAT YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE!!!!????" <

jokes aside though, this gave me IMSCARED vibes and actually scared me so i rate it a 10/10

also went back and found out how to get the other ending too

Wew, thanks a lot for the 10/10! Looks a bit too much to me, but I will cherish it :D

Jokes aside, thanks for playing :) I'm glad you liked the game

My god the sounds were amazing! I had chills down to my bones! I expected jumpscares from many different places but didn't get any. I felt very... uncomfortable. But in a good way! The atmosphere in the game is so strange and weird. It makes you feel alert of what might be coming! If only this game was longer!!!!! Thanks so much and keep up the good work! I really appreciate 3d pixelated games like these because it reminds me of the older times and they run pretty well on my trash-like computer!

Hey, thanks a lot for liking Discomfort this much :D I'm really happy knowing that the game did its job with you (and that you liked it, of course).

Thanks for playing!


I made a video on your game and had fun. Skip to 6:14


Thanks a lot for playing, I'm glad you had fun :D


Summoning rituals almost never work out for the greater good...


Hey there! I played your game today and I absolutely loved it!

The artstyle mixed with the audio and controls really gave this game the discomforting vibe which I think you were definetely going for!  After a while you feel like someone is breathing in your neck giving you another discomforting feeling making this game really scary! I definetely enjoyed this! I played it twice, once on Camera and afther that one more time on my own! The Gameboy minigame was a pretty fun gimmick in my opinion.

Hey there, really happy to know that Discomfort did its job with you :D Thanks a lot for the kind comment!

not as good as imscared but still not bad :)

Thanks a lot, I'm glad you liked 'em both :)

Pretty fun!

Hey, thanks for playing! :D
(I think you won't play it again, but just to let you know: on "Discomfort" controls, you can scroll through mails with R & F buttons)

Ooooh, man, that sucks, wouldn't have guessed!


Loved the video, thanks a lot for playing and liking the game! ;D

Loved the game, and thank you for creating the game.

This was fun (and unsettling!). I foud myself waiting for the inevitable jumpscare. The ambient was superv, and the art direction simply amazing. Love this game.

The only moment when I felt a little off was during the gameboy scene. Felt it a little bit disconnected, or just to irrelevant for that point in time. 

Okay, just found out you are the "I'm scared"-guy. Now it all makes sense hahaha

Hey, these really are some Kind words... Thanks a lot!
I can see why you find the gameboy section to be a bit off, but I'm glad you were able to enjoy everything else nonetheless! :)

Hey, thank you for sharing this great work! I'm very amazed by the aesthetics. I see that you are using Asperite but I wonder how did you combine it with the 3D environment? ? My guess is some kind of dithering lens filter is being used here? 

Thanks to you for playing and commenting!
I made the game textures with Aseprite and the standard 3D functions of GameMaker Studio 2. As for the dither/color limit effect, that's the work of a shader!

Excellent stuff as always, low-res spookiness! I must admit I was stuck on the "bad" ending for longer than I'd care to admit, was convinced it had something to do with the sequence I was doing the instructions in! Screwed my head on and got it eventually haha. Also I always always look out of the windows in horror games and this satisfied that urge ;)


Thanks a lot for liking Discomfort so much! :D

Made a playthrough of it, it was really fun and I loved the old school looking graphics.


Thanks for playing! <3

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