A downloadable a short, eerie game for Windows

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Discomfort is a short weird game, made in two weeks for the GameMakerItalia 2019 contest. The game was made using Game Maker Studio 2, Aseprite and FL Studio.

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Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
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AuthorIvan Zanotti's MyMadnessWorks
Tags3D, GameMaker, Horror, Singleplayer


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Deleted 45 days ago

Thanks a lot for playing! I'm glad you liked it :D

Deleted 45 days ago



YuB can help you with everygame and his friend is thinknoodles!

hey i am know who can help with this YuB!

great game, small and with good atmosphere

Really good! loved the atmosphere.

actually a pretty cool game though I was pretty confused at first why she was killing me :) if i understand correctly - there are only 2 endings?

you have to cut your own finger

yeah i figured it out

the atmosphere was superb my guy

Neat game but I did not ask for the curse. Can you please tell me how to remove it? It's not convenient this time of year, I'm sure you understand :)


hi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111111

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Just want to say that this is one of my favorite games on Itch. The atmosphere, the viceral feeling of the ritual, the subtle worldbuilding...just everything. I've played it around ten or so times when I want to be in a good spooky atmosphere and enjoy the game(I like replaying quicker games like this, it helps that there's no true jumpscares, although only at like my fifth playthough did I really look out the windows lol). There's a lot I could speculate on with the endings and the emails, but of course there'd be many pieces missing and I love it that way. The cold, creeping dread being in the house as you wait is truly incredible. I could cheaply say "oh I wish there was more" which would be true but I do believe the game is great as is as well. Lucky for me, I haven't played through Creta or Quiet Manor myself yet(though I did see a vid on the latter) so I do get to experience even more! Sorry for the long comment, I just wanted to express my gratitude to ya for making such a great game!
Also I've never gotten the desktop gnawing, so I'm not sure if it's something with my computer or I'm really unlucky lol. I guess I'll have to play again and see if tonight's the night for a curse.

I'm really glad you like Discomfort, thanks for the kind kind post! I'd love to make more short horror games like this one...

Buen juego/Good game

I know it was probably not intended but this game was so disorienting for me that I puked after playing for 30 mins. I have to say that it did live up to it's name though. I'm afraid I'll never finish your game because of it but it was fun while it lasted.

how da freak do i full screen

You toggle that on the start screen (or by pressing ALT+ENTER)

I haven't actually ran this game, but how did you make it do the gnawing on your desktop? I'm honestly curious and want to know.

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There's no such thing as a gnawing sound being played while the game's closed.


not sure actually, it might just be suggestive enough that it tricks your brain into hearing things

i played it and have nightmares after playing the game p.s it was 1;00 in the moring when i played it

Glad to hear that :D

played this but didn't hear gnawing on my desktop is there a way to fix that?

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You were lucky


hello im an 8 yr old and i want this game but i dont wannna hear sounds so im not gonna download it


It's been 7 months: Be strong now, you can do it!

my PC said that the compressed .zip file can damage my computer. so everything about it is cursed

Don鈥檛 worry, the .exe is clean from viruses! It just comes with a curse 

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maybe my computer needs updating

just sayin'

i also would like to make a modpack that adds in a little more scary content and TONS of lore with a Gnawing Lady CURSED amount of psychological horror

but i don't know how to code in the software you use 

how do you get rid of the gnawing please

Oh you don't

why is it there forever?

damn its fuckin crazy i was so scared man i actually feeled like im cursed this imaginary game is dope af is there any way i can contact you cuz ima planning to make only os based horror game i havent make any i wanna learn it


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The entire game has the uncanny valley feeling, I felt cursed after playing, I was wondering why I was hearing gnawing, I thought I was going crazy. This was awesome

Also btw, what did you use to make the models?


Sorry for the late answer & Thanks a lot! If you felt cursed then I'm really happy with the result :D
(.gmmod models were made with GameMakerModelCreator)

how do i put it into fullscreen

You can select that on the start screen (or by pressing ALT+ENTER)

I played this so long ago!! I remember failing the first time because I didn't do the ritual in the right order. Then, I wanted to do it in the perfect order, but the email itself wasn't in the "right" order completely :P (turns out, it doesn't matter and I got the "good" ending). Really love the graphics and story, it gives me nostalgia back when playing Imscared on Gamejolt as a little, free indie game :)

Thanks a lot, glad to hear the game triggered some nostalgia :) Also, NEED.net is awful and should be marked as spam indeed... 

Do I have to restart me desktop to get rid of the gnawing sounds?

That won't do, you've been cursed

man, it was aweasome!!! really good atmosphere. but is there a way to do things right?

Thanks :D
If you did wrong, then Yes there's a way to do it right!

at the end it said im cursed but ia am i hear gnawing on my desk top so i restarted it o_o


*clak clok*

uh oh its back idc kill me murdure me'


i swear to fucking god i heard gnawing cuz i cut the wrong finger

im actually cursed


*chomp chomp*
Have fun!


Hello! How did u achieve this retro style graphic?

I just make a very small game and then I stretch the hell out of it (oh and there's also a color limiter involved in this one)


-Made a Video.

"short and spoopy. made me feel a little bit uneasy."

<3 Hope you had fun!

Eerie atmosphere complemented by a wonderfully chunky visual style reminiscent of early Freescape games - loved it!

Thank you, kindly!

played your game in an indie romp, hope you enjoy. not sure if I solved the puzzle right though as she done did the murder on my face twice

your game starts at 14:05

I was so confused. I somehow got stuck on the idea that it needed to be my house instead of my finger, but I got there eventually.

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I played this to kick off my Bloodcurdling Barrage in which I will be posting daily horror game videos for all of October. Really enjoyed it. Lots of little touches to show how much effort and love went into it and it was actually creepy. Well done

Great, creepy experience!  The email portion is definitely the most unsettling part, but being able to look out the windows was a great way to build tension as well.

cool and creepy little game! I like the whole pixelated style. 

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